Notifications in Health Apps: Our New Infographic

Notifications can make or break your health app.

We have become extremely dependent on our gadgets. So much so that the apps we use may define how we go about our day, what we eat, how we sleep and how many steps we take. It’s no surprise, then, that health apps have become the most sensitive domain of mobile development.

But the use of technology to improve people’s health has a dark side, too. The more we delegate our self-care responsibilities to mobile apps, the more we depend on them, which makes errors more costly. But even if we put errors aside, overreliance on technology can make us complacent.

Unfortunately, app developers cannot recode human nature in a way that would make everyone use health apps responsibly. Still, there are things you can do to encourage healthy use practices, avoid legal issues and, most importantly, improve people’s lives.

In this infographic, we suggest looking at a particular aspect of health apps: notifications. It’s an element of an application that can have a direct impact on our well-being. Notifications can either help users take better care of their health — or become a background noise that they will develop a deaf ear to.

Elinext has prepared an infographic to help you implement notifications. Check it out and use it when you develop your own health app.