How Cutting-Edge Tech Reinvents Healthcare

It’s no new that digital technology is revamping the healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence, telehealth solutions, and VR technology are not a hyped-up topic anymore, but a real value driver. And hospitals around the world are teaming up with experienced healthcare software developers to reach the new heights of success in care delivery.

Medical Workflow Optimization for Increased Operational Efficiencies

Hospitals have always been touted as traditional institutions unwilling to approach technological maturity. But with the introduction of the EHR incentive program promoting the meaningful use of the technology, the situation altared. Key medical workflows were put on autopilot, which meant few human errors and maximized efficiency.

Effective management of protected health information (PHI) — including basic vitals, medical history, test results, medications, symptoms, and allergies, — smart care coordination, appointments monitoring, e-prescriptions management — healthcare workflow optimization has become an ace card in driving value-based care.

The implementation of innovative techs in clinical workforce management also has the potential to boost marketing, financial, and operational capabilities. To wit, an advanced ERP solution will optimize your revenue cycles, improve partnership management, bolster procurement and inventory, and balance your hospital administration costs.

With a healthcare CRM in place, you’ll drive maximum value around patient-doctor interactions, referrals management, and marketing initiatives. And by making the most of clinical document and human resource management techs, you’ll take the pain out of labor cost control, physician performance tracking, staff training and remuneration, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, data transfer, and more.

When implemented right and customized to perfectly suit your needs, these robust solutions enable secure patient data management, improved productivity, cost optimization, and enhanced decision-making.

State-of-the-art Care Delivery Solutions that Improve Patient Outcomes

HIPAA-compliant patient portals, mHealth apps, telehealth software — these and other care delivery solutions are instrumental to enhancing clinical outcomes, lowering readmission rates, and improving patient engagement.

Namely, by leveraging telehealth tech that enables multi-party video and audio conferencing, hassle-free screen sharing, as well as smooth exchange of medical images, clinical notes, and lab results, you’ll be able to provide your patients and their relatives with informative online consultations as if they were face-to-face visits.

Underpinned by functionality like automated patient identification, frictionless communication with pharmacies, and easy access to a patient’s medication history, an advanced e-prescription solution will help you improve medication reconciliation, increase patient safety, slash practice costs, and prevent opioid misuse that has been an issue in the USA in the recent years.

Another cog in the effective care delivery machine, mHealth benefits both patients and healthcare institutions. To wit, physicians can use mobile devices to track appointments, collaborate with their colleagues across multiple locations, update EHR data, file e-prescriptions, track remote patients, and even access educational material as part of their continuous learning program. And for patients mHealth apps are a great tool for monitoring their personal health, scheduling visits, managing medication, consulting doctors, checking test results, and more.

Technology-Driven Medical Training to Boost Doctor Productivity

To make sure your clinical staff is in the loop about the latest treatment methods and the newest medication, establish a coherent training process within your healthcare facility.

Harness the power of video conferencing to organize educational seminars and encourage doctors to share valuable knowledge. Enhanced with hassle-free co-browsing, interactive whiteboarding, and smooth multimedia exchange, such real-time communication solutions will facilitate collaborative decision-making.

If you want to take medical training up a notch, leverage AR and VR techs. By simulating various symptoms, health conditions, and chronic impairments, such innovative solutions provide physicians with secure training capabilities. 3D visualizations can be key to preoperative planning and intraoperative navigation. And VR-assisted robotic surgery simulation will surely strengthen the surgeon’s skill set, slash hospital costs, and ensure better patient outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Care and Better Population Health

Gone are the days when artificial intelligence was a far-fetched fantasy of tech lovers. Now, this tech is widely implemented even in such traditional institutions as hospitals, and here are some examples.

AI algorithms have proved its worth in analyzing various types of medical images — including CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, and SPECT scans — with great speed and precision, helping clinicians reveal hidden patterns as well as better diagnose and prevent serious diseases like CVD or cancer. In some cases, machines were even able to outperform human doctors in detecting malignant tumors.

Public health is another sphere where AI is making its mark. With its ability to detect any abnormality in human cells, tissues, and organs, artificial intelligence can prioritize at-risk patients as well as determine a human’s genetic disposition to cancer.

And by crunching evolving volumes of up-to-date and historical PHI, including social determinants of health (SDOH) and behavioral indices, AI-fueled analytics can help spot key disease patterns and trends, discover gaps in population health management, personalize treatment — while reducing hospital admissions and boosting patient satisfaction.

Innovative Techs Are Well Around — Go for Them 

Interoperable EHRs, HIPAA-compliant healthcare CRMs, highly scalable audio and video conferencing, mobile health apps, predictive analytics solutions, VR and AR — technology offers healthcare an untold number of innovative ideas able to take the pain out of performing complex medical workflows.

Experts in healthcare software development, we are here to build a custom medical solution to address your specific business needs. Whether you want to enhance care delivery, accelerate decision-making, bolster patient engagement, or improve physician productivity, we’ve got your back.