What Factors Influence on the Popularity of Mobile App?

Creating a commercially successful mobile app and racking up downloads is what the majority of software developers dream about. The app landscape is flooded. Still it is developing fast and nowadays numbers more than a million applications available. Needless to say, it turns out to be a catching niche which is profitable to occupy. So as not to slip the chance of breaking through in mobile marketing, one should take into account factors that spotlight the app.

It has been proved that customers fall prey to ease of access and product visibility. That is why most people will download the app that it is featured. Being granted a feature means that your application will become not simply recognizable but well-known and lucrative. It’s not easy to become privileged though. A lot of developers beat their brains out trying to uncover the secret of success. They usually concur in a suggestion that featured apps must be easy to use, beautifully designed, universal and what is more important they should do at least one thing exceptionally. A lot of developers create a slightly better alternative to what already exists on the market. Such apps usually get stuck and have very slim chances to get to the top. A featured app must be extraordinary. Once you have developed one, you can expect a lot of eyeballs on your brainchild.

Even if your app hasn’t been featured you can still make the target audience notice it. For instance, launching the app and accompanying it with media coverage will spread the word among the population. It can contribute to a roaring success of the application afterwards.

Price also has a meaningful impact on the popularity of the app. Determining how much to charge for an application can be challenging. It’s essential to find the right balance between production and maintenance costs and the willingness of the customer to pay for your efforts. In a majority people are looking for a free content. They can even tolerate irritating ads if it gives them a chance to avoid spending. There is a popular way to hook on a customer: the basic app is given for free and if the user likes it he downloads premium version paying some money. However, if you have made up your mind that the app you created must be a paid one, don’t forget that due to the increased competition there has been a decline in average selling price for applications recently.

Product ratings and customer reviews are proven sales drivers. In 2013 there was a survey conducted by Dimensional Research. According to its results reading other customers reviews influence on buying decision of overwhelming quantity of respondents – 88 percent. These people claim that they trust online reviews as much as they would confide in personal recommendations. This reliance is growing and soon enough people will need fewer reviews to read so as to figure out whether they want to download this app or not. That is why positive feedbacks and ratings are crucial for the app to flourish whereas negative ones will easily damage its reputation.

If after seeing the reviews and ratings, the customer still thinks the application is worth looking at, he will proceed to its description. People rarely read more than 3 lines of it. Thus, it will be a good idea to inform a potential buyer on what your application does and why it is better than its competitors in the very first sentences. If the description has interested the person, it will most likely trigger his decision.

Creating a great app is nothing comparing to keeping it marketable. Rodrigo Coutinho notes that outstanding apps should be „evergreen“ meaning that they should adapt rapidly to the changing user’s requirements. This flexibility and ability to adapt to your client’s needs will help you beat the odds and make your app popular with users.

There is no magic recipe to make an app successful. However, a clear understanding of what the consumer needs and what he lacks at this very moment and the development of a product the audience needs are key to a possible triumph. Taking into account factors that influence the popularity of the application make this triumph not only possible but most likely to occur.

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