Elinext Infrastructure Management Solutions for Telecom

Elinext, an international group of custom software development companies, proudly announces that it is delivering high-quality services to telecommunications businesses requiring efficient infrastructure management and network integration solutions.

October 11, 2012.

Computer networks are growing at a tremendous rate. The implication of this increase is the pressing need for efficient management and monitoring of IT infrastructure assets. Elinext, being a long-term, trusted partner to a number of globally operating IT companies from the USA and Europe, is putting greater emphasis on serving businesses engaged in telecommunications.

“For more than ten years we have accumulated a great deal of expertise and in-depth knowledge in customizing enterprise hardware monitoring solutions and developing data integration modules for IT infrastructure management systems,” said Alexey Trigolos, IT Services Director.

Elinext developers have created around fifteen integration modules for software products of Cisco, HP, Ciena, Alcatel, and more used by telecommunications companies. It goes about complex real-time network monitoring solutions that gather data regarding the performance and availability of hardware via the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Keeping up-to-date with the status of systems and their components is extremely important for maximizing efficiency and avoidance of faults.

“At Elinext, we actually help end-customers in the telecommunications industry eliminate infrastructure bottlenecks and boost performance. Moreover, proactive diagnostics and troubleshooting with speedy analytics and reporting help resolve a wide range of problems long before they affect hardware units and, ultimately, business processes,” proceeded Alexey Trigolos.

Telecommunications companies can extract much more from their IT environments thanks to powerful enterprise infrastructure management solutions, while their customization allows meeting the specific operational requirements of a separate organization.

Check out our Case Study: https://elinext.com/fallstudien/web/network-monitoring-software/